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I’m finally leaving tumblr:(

Sigh, here’s the post I’ve been dreading so much. I feel you guys deserve this much, so I just want to say why I’m leaving, what’s going on and remind you all that I love you so so so much.

Okay, so first of all I guess I’ll say why I’m leaving. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed my absence at all, but I haven’t actually been coming onto tumblr that much at all for the past couple of months. School’s really been getting to me, and I’ve been super busy with all sorts of things. Even with the tumblr app on my phone, I actually didn’t even want to open it…and that kinda sucks. So by then I had kind of realised I started to dislike tumblr. I didn’t like that I couldn’t be there for people because that’s all I was here for in the first place, ugh. School is actually getting even harder then it was in the first place, and I have to spend more time then I already do on school which also really freaking sucks. I don’t have the free time that I had before to spend here on tumblr :( My ‘free time’ consists of studying. I’m so sorry because I feel like I haven’t been the best anon and ugh. The anonworld is really getting hard to deal with without getting pissed aswell, so much drama and just I can’t deal with all of that anymore. 

I’ve been on tumblr for around three years and this is a little hard for me to conclude. I’m finally leaving after all this time. I want to take out some time just to give some special mentions to some of the people I’ve been really close friends with here on tumblr.. ily . I’ll put in a read more because it’s gonna get long from here 

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Lauren singing Die In Your Arms today (x)

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